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R50 X 12 = 1 Precious hour

Your generous contribution will give our babies the precious time they need in the NICU with our professional health care staff. You will also be helping to purchase much needed equipment to give more babies the best start in life.

Give them more time with your donation

For a donation of R50 per month for a year, you can give a preemie baby a precious extra hour of intensive care. One hour may not seem like much, but for a premature baby it’s a lifetime.

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Monthly payment of R50 x 12 months

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You've just given a premature baby an extra hour of intensive care.
One hour that will change their life forever. For your very special thank you, click here

Dear Emma Thorpe

Thank you

I am eternally grateful for the precious hour of life you have given me - Love, a preemie baby.